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Homefront dev diary discusses game's gooey emotional core

Homefront is shaping up to a be first-person shooter with heart. At least, that's according to the newest developer diary released by THQ, which reveals how the team at Kaos Studios are hoping to make players think twice before taking a virtual life.

In addition to showing off some of the more expansive set pieces and introducing the game's rebellious cast, the four-minute video also devotes a good chunk of time on the emotional core of Kaos' upcoming game. In it, Creative Director David Votypka explains: “War is not a pretty thing and there's not always lots of positive events that come out of it. It's actually very dark and tragic, and we want to show that element in Homefront which you don't really get in a lot of shooters.”

Speaking to Kaos' goal of injecting some good old fashioned morality into its game, and combating what the team refers to as 'massacre fatigue', Lead Level Designer Rex Dickson adds, “How am I suppose to make the player feel or care about the fact that they are killing when that's the whole goal of the game? That's really the fundamental crux of what we're trying to achieve.”

Jan 4, 2011

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