Holy crap! Golden Joysticks breezes past 600,000 votes

You read that right number fans - this year'sGolden Joystick Awardshas now amassed 600,000 votes. Immense! The actual official tally currently stands at 640,000, which - we've discovered through typing 640,000 into Google - is exactly equal to the number ofTexans left without powerin the wake of Hurricane Ike. Amazing! Coincidence? Yes.

And the breaking of the mighty 600K barrier was celebrated with the generous distribution of a N96 handset to the fortuitous person who cast the 600,000th vote. N96 maker Nokia describes its fancy handset as "stunning to look at, feature packed and Mensa smart". So just like us. Wahey.

But don't feel green - if you haven't voted yet you could be the next person to walk away with some cool stuff as there's still a bunch of tres desirable prizery to be snatched away. All you have to do to be in with a chance is vote for your favourite gaming bits and pieces. So do yourself a favour andvote.