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Hitman update 1.02 breaks pre-order bonuses for some PS4 players

If you could have sworn you pre-ordered Hitman (opens in new tab) but suddenly can't find your in-game Requiem Pack, you're not losing your mind. IO Interactive confirmed on its forums (opens in new tab) that patch 1.02, which was released only on PS4 last night, has the unexpected side effect of disabling the pre-order exclusive equipment pack for some players.

It's not going to break your game or anything, since the Requiem Pack is just a suit, a gun, and a rubber duck explosive(!) themed after 47's funeral garb from Hitman: Blood Money. But it's still a bit lame to be suddenly deprived of your pre-order bonus, and IO says it's looking into it.

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While update 1.02 taketh away your killer white suit / red tie combo, it giveth some fixes which should make connecting to Hitman's online servers more reliable. You should also notice NPCs reacting a bit more consistently and convincingly to 47 doing suspicious things, and IO even improved the "flow" of opportunities - those optional hint lines that help you find unique ways to bump off your target - in the prologue missions and in Paris.

Hopefully Hitman's live structure means IO will keep making improvements like these all the way up through the finale later this year (opens in new tab). Even if no feat of expertly executed execution could ever top the Chuckle Brothers playing as real-life Hitman handlers (opens in new tab).

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