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  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by lilDman96

    Easy 'silent assassin' trophy


    When you start the mission where you have to kill the "king of chinatown" go to the vendor near the far east of the level and their should be some fugu fish puck it up the turn around and sabotage the electricity box to distract the guard then sneak past him and go through the door and up the stairs but watch out for the camera that is guarding the top off the stairs when it looks away quickly go into the room under the camera and go to the far left of the room near the window and poison the cocaine then wait for the target and his drug dealer to come by hiding in the wardrobe then just watch your target die and the drug dealer will think it is his fault and try and escape the country, after the dealer has left sneak past the camera again but this tim grab a bottle and smash it against the wall outside so you can slip past the guard who is watching the entrance then all you have to do is escape an the trophy is yours!!

Hitman: Absolution Unlockables

  • Xbox 360, PS3 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Hitman: Absolution achievement and trophy list

    Top of Your Game (Platinum)
    Collect all trophies

    Grand Master (150/Gold)
    You completed 100 challenges

    Reach for the Stars (50/Silver)
    You completed 50 challenges

    The Russian Hare (20/Bronze)
    You performed 47 headshots using a sniper rifle

    A Taste for the Game (20/Bronze)
    You completed 10 challenges

    Absolution (50/Gold)
    You completed Hitman: Absolutionâ„¢ as a professional

    Jack of All Trades (30/Silver)
    You collected all 20 play styles

    It's All in the Wrist (50/Bronze)
    You successfully performed a lethal throw

    Information is Power (30/Silver)
    You collected all evidence

    Thumbs Up (20/Silver)
    You liked a contract

    Damage Control (20/Bronze)
    You contained a situation gone bad

    Set for Life (20/Silver)
    You earned 1 million contracts dollars

    Self-improvement (20/Bronze)
    You bought an upgrade for a weapon

    First Contract (20/Bronze)
    You completed the Creating Contracts Tutorial

    Blood Money (20/Bronze)
    You completed the Contract Basics Tutorial

    True Potential (20/Bronze)
    You unlocked a technique

    Partners in Crime (20/Silver)
    You played a contract made by a friend

    Competitive Spirit (20/Silver)
    You created a contract competition

    Contender (20/Silver)
    You participated in a contract competition

    One With the Shadows (20/Silver)
    You escaped the attention of an enemy

    Silent Assassin (20/Silver)
    You achieved Silent Assassin

    Inconspicuous (20/Bronze)
    You remained undetected throughout a checkpoint

    Whoops (20/Bronze)
    You made a kill look like an accident

    One of the Guys (20/Silver)
    You blended in and fooled someone

    Rocksteady (20/Bronze)
    You executed a point shooting with at least 3 kills

    Under Wraps (20/Bronze)
    You hid a body

    Sandman (20/Bronze)
    You subdued a person

    Secret Achievements

    Heavy Burden (10/Bronze)
    You infiltrated the mansion and assassinated Diana Burnwood

    Kingslayer (10/Bronze)
    You fulfilled Birdie's contract and eliminated The King of Chinatown

    Chamber of Secrets (10/Bronze)
    You located the hotel room number 899

    Catch a Ride (10/Bronze)
    You boarded the train and escaped the Chicago PD

    Forepost (10/Bronze)
    You assassinated Wade's men in Chinatown

    All Bark and no Bite (10/Bronze)
    You assassinated Wade

    The Bartender Always Knows (10/Bronze)
    You questioned the bartender

    Signature Weapons (10/Bronze)
    You re-gained your signature Silverballers

    Like Stealing Candy From a Baby (10/Bronze)
    You circumvented Lenny's crew and secured Lenny

    Not Worth It (10/Bronze)
    You left Lenny in the desert

    Step Into the Light (10/Bronze)
    You found your way through the mines

    A Heavy Blow (10/Bronze)
    You assassinated the facility leaders

    Faith Can Move Mountains (10/Bronze)
    You have defeated Sanchez with your bare hands

    The Killing Fields (10/Bronze)
    You eliminated the Saints

    Jailbird (10/Bronze)
    You infiltrated the courthouse and accessed the jail

    Hour of Reckoning (10/Bronze)
    You caught up with Skurky

    True Form (10/Bronze)
    You visited Tommy the Tailor and acquired a new suit and gloves

    Destroying Something Beautiful (10/Bronze)
    You assassinated Dexter's assistant, Layla

    The Final Countdown (10/Bronze)
    You assassinated Blake Dexter

    A Personal Contract (50/Silver)
    You eliminated Travis and fulfilled Diana's contract