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Hitman: Absolution preorders begin with Professional Edition reveal

Square Enix's begun taking preorders for Hitman: Absolution, and the company's marking Agent 47's return to the new-release shelves by revealing the game's special edition packaging. Dubbed the Professional Edition (professionalism being what separates hitmen from your common, piano-wire-wielding street thugs), the package contains the game, the deluxe packaging you voted for (Survey teases potential Hitman: Absolution box art (opens in new tab)), a making-of DVD and art book.

There's also some bonus guns in there, but you can't use them to settle neighborhood disputes because they're made of pixels. Best leave the killin' to the (ahem) Professionals. Hitman: Absolution's set for release in the coming months; while you wait for a release date, check out some new Hitman: Absolution screens filled with (opens in new tab) all the series' trademark killing-and-Catholicism, or read our most recent Hitman: Absolution preview (opens in new tab).