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Survey teases potential Hitman: Absolution box art

There are two possibilities raised by this artwork from a recent marketing survey. The first is that you're looking at several images, one of which will soon be the cover art for the new game in the Hitman series, recently confirmed as Hitman: Absolution. The second is that acompletelydifferentHitman title is on the way, in which the angsty slaphead self-consciously interrogates the futility of his killing-and-Catholicism hijinks under the banner Hitman: Subtitle. Which is just a wonderful idea.

While we're as amped for Absolution as anyone else – what other game islikely to offer the series' signiture combo ofstealth, imaginative violence and menacing baldness, after all? – it's hard to envy the participants of this survey. How do you answer a question like, “if you were to play a third-person shooter about Billy Corgan, would you prefer he used a silencer?”

Which of these Hitman: Subtitle images do you prefer? Our money's probably on “two guns, rippling tie” there. Really nails that “rat in a cage” vibe.

May 16, 2011

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We're guessing they didn’t mean for this to be viral marketing