Hitman 3 gameplay reveal shows old favorites and new tricks for Agent 47

Hitman 3 gameplay reveal
(Image credit: IO Interactive)

A new Hitman 3 trailer shows off the new tricks Agent 47 can pull off. The trailer is age-restricted, so you'll need to watch it directly on YouTube via this link.

With the assassination adventure coming just over a month from now on January 20, developer IO Interactive released a short gameplay showcase showing off roughly a dozen ways that Agent 47 can dispatch guards and targets. 

Most of this gameplay segment is classic Hitman stealth-action. As Agent 47, you infiltrate locations, steal disguises and access keys, and create distractions to open a path to your target. Along the way, you'll have to deal with or slip by guards and guests, as well as "enforcers" who will see through your disguise if you give them the chance. From there, it's all about finishing the job however you see fit. Here are just some of the things that Agent 47 uses to kill people in this short trailer: 

  • Garrote wire 
  • Handgun
  • Sniper rifle
  • Crowbar
  • Is that… a bag of flour? 
  • Surely that's not a feather duster 
  • Gravity
  • A chandelier (in combination with, but wholly distinct, from gravity)
  • Car explosion
  • Poison
  • Gas canister 

This showcase also mentions "20 mastery tiers per level with new starting locations, new ICA gear, exotic distractions, and stashed weapons." We've seen systems like this in Hitman before, layered ways to test players' understanding of a level and the inventiveness of their approach. IO Interactive says you'll "receive ratings based on your distinct play style and skill level, and keep challenging yourself with a skill of inventive escalations and complications," so assassin perfectionists ought to find plenty replay value there. 

IO Interactive has another exciting game in the works: a new James Bond game, Project 007.

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