Hitman developer is making a new James Bond game, Project 007

Project 007
(Image credit: Io Interactive)

IO Interactive, the developer of the Hitman series, is making a Bond game. The new title, currently dubbed Project 007, was unveiled in a teaser trailer earlier today.

That trailer, which borrows from the iconic spy's classic musical theme, gives away very little detail. Beyond the name and the partnership with MGM, there's little more to go on than a very highly detailed shot of a gun being loaded and fired from the inside, in the manner of another iconic moment from the 007 films.

The project's website confirms that Project 007 is a working title, and states that the game features "a wholly original Bond story," which IO says will put players "into the shoes of the world's favourite Secret Agent to earn their 00 status in the very first James Bond origin story."

IO also says that it's "currently recruiting" for the project that will "build out this exciting and unique gaming title." That would suggest that Project 007 is still in the very early stages of development, meaning it could be several years until we hear more.

IO is best known for its own secret agent franchise thanks to the Hitman series, which sends the studio's chrome-domed hero, Agent 47, around the world to carry out elaborate hits on high-profile targets. Project 007 sounds like it has a more cohesive narrative component than the recent Hitman titles, but I'd argue there are few studios better suited to bringing Fleming's icon to life.

It's been a tricky year for Bond thanks to the multiple delays of Daniel Craig's next movie, No Time to Die. It's possible that IO was hoping for more of a tie-in with the new movie release, which has been pushed back due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

IO's next game, Hitman 3, is set to release early next year.

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