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Connor, Duncan and now Owen MacLeod. Is it us or is this two MacLeod’s too many? Well not according to Eidos, as the revealing of Highlander illustrates. Apparently, there’s a lot of material left to mine from a franchise that has struggled to relive the appeal of the 1986 Lambert live-forever-slasher. We even miss the mullet.

The game is being scripted by David Abramovitz, who has worked on the Highlander TV show, so expect plenty of pouting in soft focus and plot holes so wide even Sean Connery’s ego could fit through. The upside is that Abramovitz is probably the only one able to make sense of the paradox-baiting Highlander mythos. He also worked on Cagney and Lacey, so perhaps there’ll be a lesbian subplot too?

Like the original film, the game’s story will span 2000 years in the life of Owen MacLeod as he battles for ‘the prize’ against an army of immortal warriors who can only be killed by lopping their heads off. We’re promised stages set in the highlands, ancient Japan, Pompeii and near future New York. Each stage is a mix of platform adventure and combat. You’ll need to battle through the ‘fodder’ before confronting an immortal in swordplay.