The Metal Gear Solid moment that freaked Guillermo del Toro out

Game maker Hideo Kojima and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro are both renowned craftsmen in their respective fields. But did you ever wonder how these two met and what they think of each other's work? The pair explained their history onstage at DICE 2016 today, and it's every bit as bro-dorable as you could imagine.

Kojima and del Toro met in-person while Hellboy 2 was filming in Japan, but the two had long admired each other from afar. Kojima said he was particularly fond of del Toro's 2001 horror story The Devil's Backbone, as well as his 2006 film Pan's Labyrinth - Kojima even drew eyes on his hands for the DICE keynote, mimicking the Pale Man creature.

Del Toro, on the other hand, pointed to a famous moment from Metal Gear Solid - the moment when psychic villain Psycho Mantis checks a player's save data and comments on the games that person has played. "When Psycho Mantis started reading my mind, I actually got scared," del Toro said. "That moment, [Kojima] broke the barrier of the screen. It was so innovative, feeding off the data in the console. It was a perfect moment, and it crystallized my admiration for him."

Del Toro laughed, admitting that feeling scared by Mantis was perhaps a bit much. "That moment freaked me out!"

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Sam Prell

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