Heroes 2.07 Out of Time review

Original US airdate: 5/11/07

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Written by: Aron Eli Coleite

Directed by: Daniel Attias


The One Where: Peter witnesses the devastation unleashed by the Shanti Virus in the future, while Hiro finally leaves the past. We learn the identity of the mysterious Adam – it’s Kensei!

Verdict: A fabulously unexpected last-minute twist but otherwise a sluggishly paced and distinctly average episode. At least Hiro’s finally cut free from Feudal Japan – even the show’s creators admit he was there too long, with too little story to justify his exile from the main cast.

Highlight: Greg Grunberg is quite brilliant in the scene where Matt finally resolves his fear of his father, crying “You left! All you have are your nightmares!”

Trivia: Masi Oka gets to do the “Previously on Heroes” spiel this episode – in Japanese. The onscreen words are in Japanese too. Can we put in a request for some Haitian Creole later this season? Oh, go on.

Did You Spot? Unless you’re colourblind, you’ll have undoubtedly spotted that the show’s title sequence was in green for once.It may have looked like a loving tribute to Green Lantern but it was actually to tie in with NBC’s promotion of Green Week.

They say: “I’ve seen more convincing romances on TV. In retrospect, I don’t think romance is a natural fit for us.” (Tim Kring)

Character: Matt learns how to evolve his power – now he can trap people in nightmares, just like daddy.

Best Line:
Nikki: "Your nose – does it hurt?"
Mohinder: "Only when I breathe."

Nick Setchfield

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