Heroes 1.06: Better Halves review

US air date: 30/10/06

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AIR-DATE: 30/10/06

Written by: Natalie Chaidez

Directed by: Greg Beeman

Starring: Karri Turner, Colby French, Paul Raci


The One Where: Niki
confronts her mirror self.

Pete tells Hiro he
must “Save the cheerleader, save
the world.”

Claire has an awkward meeting
with her biological parents – but
we suspect they’re fakes, in
cahoots with Bennet…

Niki discovers DL in her house.
He tells her that he was set up,
and that it was a mysterious
woman who killed his crew.

Hiro and Ando are forced to
show the high roller how they
cheated at the table. They
attempt to flee when they
discover the men intend to kill
them, but as they hide in the
bathroom they hear a massacre
outside… a woman has
slaughtered the men. Niki and DL
discover the scene. Niki confronts
her mirror self, who reveals that
she killed the men. She fights
with DL, who thinks she’s doublecrossed
him for a caseful of loot.
DL stabs his arm through her and
leaves with Micah.

We learn that Eden reports to
Bennet on the movements of
Mohinder and the other

A talkier episode
than usual, and there’s
marginally less of the magic
factor. I always had my
suspicions that Niki’s mirror self
had killed DL’s crew – how else
did she know where the graves
were? Oh, and was the shot of
her framed by the screen door
deliberately designed to look like
a Lichtenstein-style blown-up
comic book frame? If so, witty
touch. If not, claim it was.

Ando: “We have to
go to bathroom.”
Ernie: “You boys go to the
bathroom together?”
Ando: “Yeah… that’s how we roll!”

Nick Setchfield

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