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Heroes 1.05: Hiros review

US air date: 23/10/06

AIR-DATE: 23/10/06

Written by: Michael Green

Directed by: Paul Shapiro

Starring: Archie Kao, Matt Lanter, Danielle Savre


The One Where: You’ll
believe a man can fly…

Future Hiro tells
Pete that he must “Save the
cheerleader, save the world” and
contact Isaac. He does so, and
sees the painting of Claire. He
begs Isaac to finish it, but Isaac
insists he needs drugs. Pete sees
the canvas change, and, his eyes
turning white, finishes it himself…

In Vegas, Nathan escapes from
Bennet by flying – he lands
outside a diner and is spotted by
Hiro, sitting alone after Ando has
left in a huff. Hiro tells Nathan of
the coming apocalypse.

Niki has no memory of sleeping
with Nathan, but their session has
been taped. Her debt to
Lindeman is cancelled. Later she
arrives home to find cops in her
house – they believe an intruder
is DL, her ex-hubby, but it’s only
Ando, who knows her from her
webcam. Later, though, we see a
man lurking in the shadows…

Elsewhere, Claire tells Bennet
of Brody’s rape attempt – the
man from the bar uses his power
to wipe the memory of the injured
jock, still recovering from the car
crash. Matt uses his mind reading
power to patch things up with his
wife but is overwhelmed by other
people’s thoughts when he stops
a hold-up at a convenience store.

The phone rings in Isaac’s
apartment. Pete has a message
for Hiro from the future…

Plenty of hilarity here,
with Hiro and Ando emerging as
the funniest characters on US TV.
Their encounter with the hardnut
Vegas gamblers is priceless. And
Nathan’s flight, complete with jet-trail,
is one of those sudden
magic-rush moments that Heroes
does so well.

Ando: “Not being
broke is The Dark Side?”

Nick Setchfield

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