Heroes 1.03: One Giant Leap review

US air date: 9/10/06

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AIR-DATE: 9/10/06

Written by: Jeff Loeb

Directed by: Greg Beeman

Starring: Karl T Wright, Adair Tishler, Matt Lanter

The One Where: Hiro takes
on the apocalypse…

Hiro teleports back
to Tokyo and the past and tries to
convince Ando they must avert
the apocalypse. After they rescue
a schoolgirl – following the
prophetic comic book – they
head to America on a plane.
Niki discovers a skull ring on
the skeleton. She believes it
belongs to a man murdered by
her husband, DL, and confronts
his mother with this. She denies it.

Mohinder and Eden discover a
diary in Suresh’s computer. It
leads them to Sylar’s apartment,
where they find a copy of his
father’s map, only this one has the
location of more superpeople…
They also find “Forgive me” and “I
have sinned” daubed on the walls.
When they return with the police,
the apartment is empty.

Matt foils a kidnap attempt on
the little girl by a superpowered
being who may be Sylar. He later
sees a man who has the power to
block the sound of thoughts.

Nathan embarrasses Peter by
telling the media that his leap from
the building was a failed suicide
attempt. Elsewhere, Claire suffers
a seemingly fatal injury as a
quarterback tries to rape her. She
wakes on a coroner’s table with
her chest opened for autopsy…

So far this show has
delivered three of the best
episode endings in TV history…
Another enthralling episode – this
time from acclaimed comic book
writer Jeph Loeb – and Sylar
continues to be a genuinely
chilling adversary. Wonder if it
was actually Niki’s mirror-self –
and not her hubby – who killed
the guy with the skull ring…

Eden: “This is
macaroni and cheese. It’s what
Americans eat when they want
to commit suicide slowly…”

Nick Setchfield

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