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Here's a totally not over the top trailer for the Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow, Destiny's Rise Of Iron pre-order bonus

So you thought the Iron Gjallarhorn was enough for pre-ordering Destiny: Rise of Iron did you? Well now there's a bonus Gjallarwing sparrow to match and, going by the below ridiculous trailer, it's really rather pretty. Ok, maybe you won't always have Carmina Burana in your ears while you ride it but the black and silver winged, errr, steed does look quite lovely and is available from participating retailers as a pre-order bonus. 

Bungie revealed a stack of new info on the Rise of Iron DLC yesterday as part of a Twitch stream, and showed off a serious make over for the Cosmodrome. Winter has arrived in Old Russia and the environment has really changed. Check out the 5 big changes Rise of Iron is making to the starter zone. Also, if you've been a bit lapse and want to get back into Destiny, Dave's got a stack of tips for how to get ready for Rise of Iron

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Louise Blain
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