Here are 7 GIFs of some souped-up Metro Exodus weapons in action

The new weapons trailer for Metro Exodus is, as you may have guessed, all about things that go bang. It comes on the heels of the game's gorgeous story trailer and features everything from rapid-fire revolvers to anti-materiel rifles, not to mention the expanded customization system underpinning it all. You can watch the full trailer above, and keep scrolling for GIFs of seven especially informative and/or awesome moments. 

Now that's a revolver 

Even without traditional fan firing, this revolver can still put out six rounds in under a second, leaving most anything in your way deader than dead. I love the reload animation, too - that classic six-shooter flick at the end.  


Exploration is a key part of Metro Exodus, and you'll need to scavenge supplies and crafting materials as you make your way through the wasteland. A good chunk of your findings will go toward making your weapons more deadly by adding different barrels, sights, magazines, and other peripherals.  

We're gonna need a bigger gun 

You could, for example, slap a stock and an extended barrel onto a revolver to make a hunting rifle. Ta-da!  

No fly zone 

Or, failing that, you could strap a bucket of bullets to a submachine gun to turn it into a… medium machine gun? I mean, it's not particularly large, but it sure made short work of this mutant. 

The more barrels, the better 

I especially like the look of these shotguns. A double-barrel shotgun is one thing, but why not a quad-barrel? Now that's thinking.  

This is good 

The Metro games have always rubbed up against stealth, so there are also plenty of silent killers available in Exodus - like this rapid-fire crossbow. 

This is definitely not good 

That being said, sometimes you're going to need to break out the big guns - when fighting a giant mutated bear, for example.  

This is fine 

Here's a bonus GIF which isn't technically about weapons, but is terrifying as all get-out. Why are we casually walking through an abandoned house lighting spider webs on fire while the spiders that created those webs are crawling all over us? Maybe put the Zippo down and dust off that crossbow you're holding there, mate. 

We played Metro Exodus, and we ran into some nightmare spiders of our own.  

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