Help Baba file their taxes in this adorable Baba is You spin-off

Baba Files Taxes
(Image credit: Hempuli)

A new spin-off game from Hempfuli, the developer of Baba is You, has players helping little guy Baba to file their taxes. 

Similar to Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion - except not at all really considering Baba is taking the moral high ground here - in this PC game players are tasked with helping the unspecified creature Baba complete their tax forms. 

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After agreeing to help their illiterate friend (and losing the game if they don't), players are then asked to forge Baba's signature in whatever color pen they want and answer a few questions on Baba's behalf. Distinctly unlike your standard tax form, this piece of paperwork is full of confusing questions to answer. I know; you wouldn't expect that from taxes or a Baba game. 

Once the form is complete, and you've watched the charming animation at the end of the game, players then receive a score based on how accurately they copied Baba's very simple signature and how they answered the ambiguous multiple-choice questions. That's literally the whole game. If you want to help Baba yourself, Baba Files Taxes (opens in new tab) is currently only available on PC (Windows-only) and can be downloaded for free on Itch. 

If this is the first time you're hearing about Baba, let us introduce you. The cat-like character has come from the indie game Baba is You, which had less taxes and more puzzles which required players to manipulate the world around them to figure out the solution to word-based conundrums. 

Funny enough, this isn't the first tax-based game we've seen. As mentioned above, there's also the Snoozy Kazoo game Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, which sees an adorable little vegetable child avoid paying his taxes whilst farming, battling beasts, and going up against a corrupt government. Here's hoping we see even more tax-related games in the near future. Somebody call Lucas Pope, creator of Papers, Please. 

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