Hellgate: London subscriptions explained

Players of Hellgate: London, the online action RPG set in a demon-infested capital, will be able to opt for one of two subscription setups. Namely, pay money and get extra in-game gubbins, or play for free and receive a more stripped-down experience.

The pricing will be $9.95 a month. Pay up and you'll be able to store more characters on your account (a max of 12 instead of 3 for non-paying players), more items in your account 'vault' (40 instead of 20), enjoy 'VIP shuttles' to zip across to remote areas, look visibly different in-game and use subscriber-only equipment.

There'll also be different game modes for subscribers to choose, such as Hardcore - which will undoubtedly be a nod to Diablo II 's similarly titled mode, where the death of your character in battle means game over, with no resurrections or restarts. Developer Flagship will use the moolah gathered to create new downloadable content for the game, though it's not made clear if this content will be available to both paying and non-paying gamers

May 9, 2007