Hellboy II tops the US box office

It was a good weekend for Guillermo del Toro across the pond as his latest labour of love – Hellboy II: The Golden Army – opened at number one with $35.9 million according to studio estimates. While it’s not the stellar figures needed to shove the film over $100 million anytime soon, it’s still $12 million more than the first film achieved when it launched.

The new arrival pushed Hancock down to second place, with the Will Smith dropping 47% to nab $33 million in its second weekend. It’s already made $165 million. Journey To The Centre Of The Earth 3D, meanwhile, arrived in third with $20.5 million.

Fourth place found Wall-E still doing healthy business despite a 43% drop and the little robot now has $162 million in his US bank account. Wanted made $11.5 million this weekend, while Get Smart remained hovering around the middle of the charts to nab $7.1 million.

Eddie Murphy, however, won’t be doing any celebrating. His new comedy Meet Dave bombed on launch, taking in just $5. 3 million. And here we thought The Love Guru did badly… Kung Fu Panda took eighth place with $4.3 million, ahead of Kitt Kittredge in ninth with $2.3 million. Finally, a the bottom of the chart in 10th with $2.2 million, we find some bloke called Indiana Jones in a story about Crystal Skulls or some such artefact. Indy now has $310 million in the States.