Mint sauce
You're John Sutton, the latest in a long line of bank robbers. With your uncle Sal providing the advice and your crew the muscle, your aim is to pull off a series of major jobs that get your name known until you finally get a chance to bust open the biggest bank of all - the San Francisco Mint.

Safe as houses
Can you guess what Cracker does? Yep, with a name like that he's clearly the safe-breaker. He can also provide extra firepower, though he's not the best shot in the group. But that's one of the smart parts of the AI - each character will let someone else who has the right skill do the job instead.

Crumb is the man in charge of crowd control. That means moving all the customers and staff away from the alarms and the doors and into a place in the bank where you can keep an eye, and a gun, on them. And yes, he's cool but he's also a bit nutty so he needs to be watched.

Sunday driver
Kid is your driver, and he's the man you need to make your getaway. And even though the driving sequences so far remain under wraps, we do know that while you'll be able to steal whatever car you like, you can also upgrade your own machine to make it quicker than any police car.