Hectic Hellgate action movie

This new trailer for Hellgate: London, the futuristic demon-hunting romp and semi-successor to excellent ghoul-basher Diablo, has improved our day to no end. It's actiony, really well paced and makes the game look utterly thrilling. Hit the Movies tab above to see the footage.

Our only concern is: can the game live up to this trailer? Hellgate's imaginative take on a demon-invaded London - all ruined streets and toppled cherry red phone boxes - is wonderfully immersive and has really captured our imagination. But it's been a long time since wefirst set eyeson the game and we're unsure if the mouse-driven battling can replicate the all-action sequences in the footage.

Hellgate: London is currentlylumbering in the direction of a release next year but there's been no specific word on exactly when. We'll be hunting down a fresh experience with Hellgate's evocative London-based devilish action soon. Can it live up to our expectations? Let's hope so.

November 27, 2006