Heavenly Sword to get shaky-cam?

Wednesday 20 September 2006
Showcase PS3 actioner Heavenly Sword may use the next-gen console's motion-sensing controller range to pan and zoom its in-game camera, a recent developer interview has suggested.

The E3 version of the game had no player camera control, but did a good job of choosing the most arty, cinematic angles for any situation (we especially liked the Evil Dead-style follow-cam when heroine Nariko hurls a dropped enemy's shield like a lethal frisbee). However, Heavenly Sword's producer, Mat Hart, revealed to website DailyGame that "the power of the PlayStation 3 controller, with the motion control, has opened a massive amount of possibilities, and we're really excited about those and are going to exploit those. Eventually, camera could be a very intriguing thing with motion control."

Above: Given how furiously controller-battering Heavenly Sword's combat is, we're a little concerned that putting camera control on the motion sensors could make for a seasick result

Due for a 2007 release (as a locally-developed game, we're quietly hoping it's going to show some European solidarity and arrive in time for the delayed PS3 launch), we'll have to wait and see if Ninja Theory is willing to give up the director's chair and let you shoot your own Asian action epic.