Heavenly Sword on Xbox - footage released

Fancy that - Heavenly Sword was originally intended to be "Only on Xbox." A new look at the game has hit GameTrailers, which shows various trailers for the title dating back to 2003, when it was being pitched in its Xbox form. It's hardly as old as the Ark, but still worth a look...

You'll see footage from the Xbox version, which was made by the then-called Just Add Monsters. The same team was responsible for Xbox comedy party game Kung Fu Chaos.

But it went bust after the release of KFC (Mmmmm) and reformed under the moniker Ninja Theory, before taking the concept and game to Sony and PS3.

As you'll see, there's quite a difference between the Xbox and PS3 versions. Makes for an interesting watch. Check out the trailer here.

August 1, 2007