New heroes coming to Hearthstone for $10 apiece

Hearthstone heroes are designed to be evocative of the class they represent; Jaina Proudemoore is the epitome of mages, as is Garrosh the epitome of Warrior, Thrall the epitome of Shamans, and so on. But if you find yourself uncomfortable with playing as the Warcraft characters Blizzard has chosen to represent each class - after all, those Alliance and Horde rivalries run deep - fret no more. Soon you’ll be able to purchase new heroes from the Hearthstone in-game store for $9.99 each.

Leading the charge of these new heroes is the Warrior, Magni Bronzebeard, King of Ironforge. Say hi:

Obviously, the biggest change is that new heroes will grant players who purchase them new portrait art. However, players will also receive unique emotes to use in battle, a new card back, a new arena in which to duel, and new animations. Unfortunately, there is no word yet on a solid release date for Magni or other heroes.

Sam Prell

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