Hawkeye reactions call the show "good, Christmassy fun" and praise Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop

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The first reactions to upcoming Marvel series Hawkeye are in.

The show, which will arrive on Disney Plus imminently, follows Jeremy Renner's titular archer Avenger as he meets Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop, his protégé in the comics, for an adventure through New York City in the lead up to Christmas.

So far, reactions to the show's first two episodes are praising Steinfeld as Kate, as well as the Christmas theme, and the series' street-level action and stakes.

Richard Newby wrote: "Hawkeye is good, Christmasy fun. It does feel the least ambitious of the MCU series thus far (obviously that could change after 2 episodes). Reminds me a bit of the Netflix series. Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop is a treat and I can't wait until she meets Pugh's Yelena."

Discussing Film's Jacob Fisher liked the show's scope: "First 2 episodes of #Hawkeye are a great introduction and somewhat refreshing. Was really enjoyable to see a small scale MCU story that reminded me of the good Marvel Netflix stuff Hailee Steinfeld shines as Kate Bishop & immediately makes the role her own. Excited for the rest!" 

ComicBook.com's James Viscardi had similar praise: "#Hawkeye is the street-level show, through the lens of the MCU we've been waiting for. Hailee Steinfeld steals every single scene she is in. It's also the most TV show like Disney+ project we've gotten yet."

Also from ComicBook.com, Brandon Davis wrote: "#Hawkeye opens on a really cool sequence that is super rewarding for long time MCU fans. I loved it. Hailee Steinfeld is a great, energized Kate Bishop. Great new addition who hits the mark! The future for Kate & Clint's dynamic seems really, really fun. Watched 2 eps, want 3!" 

The Direct's Matt Roembke also enjoyed the show's more grounded feel: "The #MCU steps back from the big scale and #Hawkeye brings us a street level story full of heart. Hailee Steinfeld is an instant MCU favorite and Jeremy Renner plays the perfect veteran superhero. Prepare to fall in love with both Hawkeyes. This is THAT comic brought to life." 

ComicBookMovie.com's Josh Wilding said: "If you've been hoping for that #Daredevil feel in the #MCU, then #Hawkeye is definitely for you. @JeremyRenner and @HaileeSteinfeld make the perfect team, and #KateBishop? My new favourite hero. Based on the first two episodes, this is gonna be something special, bro." 

Slash Film's Ethan Anderton had a slightly more mixed impression: "#Hawkeye is solid, but doesn't have a plot that commands attention in the first two episodes. But where it shines is giving Clint Barton time breathe as a character, showing how he deals with being recognized as a superhero and the hardship that comes with it." 

Gizmodo and io9’s Germain Lussier was also more reserved, but still very positive: "I really enjoyed the first two episodes of #Hawkeye. It's light and breezy in a very Shane Black way but the depths to which it simultaneously explores Clint's trauma and Kate's privilege really surprised me. Not 100% sold on the story yet but the characters are excellent."

CinemaBlend's Sean O'Connell had some criticism: "The first two episodes of #Hawkeye were decent, but nothing that grabbed me after the first episode's killer opening. Kate Bishop is a terrific character and Hailee is excellent. But the pacing is off, scenes drag, and I’m waiting for it to take off. I give it three RENNERs."

A certain GamesRadar+ writer also saw the episodes, calling them "great" and "Christmassy," with a dynamic between Kate and Clint that's "lots of fun."

Hawkeye arrives to Disney Plus this November 24. While you wait, check out our complete guide to Marvel Phase 4 for everything else the MCU has in store for us.

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