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Hasbro Family Game Night review

At least the pieces won't get lost


  • Connect 4!
  • Boggle!
  • Erm
  • Yahtzee?


  • Some redundant games
  • Motion controls iffy
  • Battleship is weak

Much like Monopoly, Hasbro Family Game Night is one of those puzzling videogame conversions. Yes, there%26rsquo;s the novelty value of seeing your favorite game turned all electronic and TVish, and yes, the games bring new modes that wouldn%26rsquo;t be possible in their traditional form. But really %26ndash; does anyone love Connect 4 or Boggle so much that they want to run it through their widescreen TV rather than just root around for the board?

Connect 4 and Boggle do best out of the transition to Wii, with powerup counters and new word search options respectively. Yahtzee is Yahtzee, and irritatingly exclamation-marked Sorry! is still the confuso-fest it always was, with its card-based board-hopping. Sorry! Sliders is basically shove ha%26rsquo;pennywith Sorry! counters, and though it should work well on Wii (given the success of Wii Sports Bowling and Deca Sport%26rsquo;s curling minigame), the Remote seems to misjudge every swing of your arm, sending playing pieces scattering.

Battleship is by far the poorest update. Despite the flashy graphics, it%26rsquo;s played on one screen and thus relies on everyone looking away while you place your ships. It works well on DS, but here it%26rsquo;s just daft, and shows that these digitized conversions can cause problems rather than solve them. Chuck in an infuriating menu and the constant presence of a whooping, grunting, face-twitching Mr. Potato Head, and this is stretching the definition of %26lsquo;fun%26rsquo;.

Dec 11, 2008

More Info

DescriptionWhy make a bunch of games based on board games when you can make one big game based on a ton of board games?
PlatformPS2, DS, Wii
US censor ratingEveryone
UK censor rating3+
Release date11 November 2008 (US), 21 November 2008 (UK)