Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix teaser poster

We’re a few months away from the latest Potter adventure, so it’s time for the advertising trickle to start looking more like a torrent.

But while we haven’t seen much of a trailer yet (you just know it’s on the way), the studio is definitely going all out to convince us that this will be the darkest Potter outing yet.

Shoving Ralph Fiennes’ mutant Voldemort mug front-and-centre with that doom-mongering tagline (“You will lose everything”) leaves us hopeful that director David Yates will be upping the danger for Harry and the gang, as the wizard war switches into high gear and beloved characters start getting offed. But with the vast majority of the greater wizarding community in denial about Harry’s most recent encounter with he-who-must-not-be-named, can they convince anyone that there’s a threat?

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix arrives on 13 July.

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