HaloRadar: Multiplayer guide

Miscellaneous Tips

Sneaky Lone Wolf – When playing free-for-alls, one devious strategy is to find the energy sword and position yourself at the top of a high-traffic shaft. Players popping out of the shaft will never have enough time to react before you slice them. Just be sure to watch your back.

Oddball tactics – If you’re carrying the oddball, your melee attacks result in instant death. Use this – if you’re being chased, run through a doorway shield and turn around. Their bullets can’t touch you, but once they emerge on your side, your hefty skull will put a dent in theirs.

CTF and Bomb tactics – These matches require your team to work together. The best strategy is the simple distraction method: have everyone storm one side of the enemy base and create a huge amount of noise. Most likely the other team will be so distracted that you or one of your teammates can easily sneak in from the other side and grab the flag or plant the bomb.

Tip: Equipment like the Bubble Shield can be helpful, but too much reliance on it probably won't get you very far


Sniping on High Ground – The rifle is on the beach, and while there aren’t a whole lot of secluded areas, the bridge in front of the base can give you an excellent view of the map. Don’t stand next to the turret where everyone looks – stand on the top of the bridge. You will inevitably be spotted eventually, but you should have enough time to get a few headshots in before the bullets start heading your direction.

Sniping on Valhalla – Half of the level is framed by a tall man-made wall. At one end of it there is a nook which makes an excellent hidey-hole for sniping.

Sniping on The Pit – There is a chance that you’ll spawn in the sniper’s nest, an inaccessible spot with a sniper rifle. If you do, you’re set, stay there!

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