HaloRadar: How Bungie Plays

You think you're good at Halo. You think you've mastered the multiplayer. But could you beat the very best? Could you win against the actual men and women who designed Halo 3 in the first place?

We recently had the pleasure to visit Bungie headquarters andtest the new maps. At the same time, we also had the pleasure of being sorely trounced by Bungie's employees in Halo 3 deathmatch. Our humiliation is your gain, however, as we remembered to hit the record button before crawling away in defeat.

The videos in this article are not your average multiplayer footage. These show two masters at work... two guys playing on maps they helped design... two guys who know the ins, outs and sideways of every vehicle, weapon and equipment in the game... two guys who play Halo 3 every single day as part of their job description.

Are you better? Are you worse? Can you learn? You're about to find out.

GamesRadar:What do you do at Bungie?

Cameron Pinard: I'm an environment artist. Generally, that means that I will build level geometry working with designers and other artists to create the best looking environments.

GamesRadar: How often do you guys play in the office?

CP: It generally depends on the amount of work we have to do. There is at least one play test daily. When I don't feel like I have hard deadlines, I try to participate.

GamesRadar: Does working at Bungie - and, thus, knowing the game inside and out - give you any advantages in multiplayer?

CP: What little edge we gain usually evaporates in a week or less.

GamesRadar:What's your general playing style?

CP: I generally play to have fun and attempt to do stupid action hero style moves that generally result in spectacular deaths.

GamesRadar:What's your favorite, go-to strategy for maximum kills?

CP: Know the map, hold power weapons and always try to get the drop on your opponents

GamesRadar:What's your favorite strategy for winning a team match?

CP: Stick with your team - they are better than any power weapon.

GamesRadar:Describe your favorite frag of all time.

CP: I'd have to go with a recent bubble kill on Avalanche. I threw a bubble shield in flight to grab the flag and got the defender to kill themselves with a rocket.

GamesRadar:Do you usually dominate more on the maps you've designed?

CP: Not at all. I mean, they wouldn't be well designed maps if that was the case.

GamesRadar:Give us your best tip, trick or secret for the new maps - Ghost Town, Avalanche and Blackout.

CP: Ghost Town: for you Forgers, you should be able to get a teleporter into the central room. Avalanche: Quickest way to the laser is through the teleporter to the man-cannon. Blackout: The SMG is actually a very useful weapon due to the close quarters

GamesRadar:Got any good, behind-the-scenes stories about designing the new maps?

CP: I'm afraid none are fit to print... they offend even my indelicate sensibilities.

GamesRadar:What's the best method for improving our Halo 3 skills, besides simply playing and practicing more?

CP: Be sure to play with people who are good, learn the maps and learn how to communicate with your team. And no, yelling insults at your team is not communication.