Halo Wars: "We've cracked the console RTS"

Console developers have tried and (mostly) failed to get RTS games working onconsole controlsfor years, but according to Halo Wars developer Ensemble, it's finally cracked strategy on a 360 controller.

"I think we have [cracked it]," lead designer Graham Devine said. "I think that's the breakthrough.

"If you look at all the RTS implementations on a console from Pikmin to C&C3 and Overlord, the games that were made directly for the console have the best implementation of controls. The games that were ported from PC games or had a PC version too had to find some halfway ground that's not best for the console."

He continued: "So we decided to design our game from the ground up just for the console, that's all we thought about. I really think that once you get to feel the controls you'll see that that's the revolutionary aspect. We're really happy with that."

Halo Wars is due out early next year on 360, with a demo due to hit Xbox Live shortly before release. Check out the E3 preview and trailer here(be sure to scroll down for the video), and to get the full interview clickhere.

July 23, 2007