Halo Infinite’s Last Spartan Standing continues to look like a battle royale

Last Spartan Standing
(Image credit: 343 Industries)

If Halo Infinite ever explored a battle royale mode, it would look more than a little like Last Spartan Standing. 

Halo Infinite's Season 2: Lone Wolves update is gearing up for launch, and 343 Industries has shared a video lining out some of what players can look forward to when it drops. 

That includes Last Spartan Standing, where the objective is to hold out until the very end to become the last player out of 12. Spartans spawn onto various Big Team Battle maps with a special loadout and five 'lives', or chances to respawn. Run out of lives and it's game over. 

This version of the game is a more recent development, according to multiplayer designer Zach Boyce. In a Halo Waypoint blog post, Boyce explained that set loadouts weren't always a part of the plan, as it was "boring" and "wasn't going to work" due to player tendency to camp with all of their respawns and more powerful equipment. 

Additionally, every time a player eliminates another Spartan, they can upgrade to a different, more powerful weapon. This is reminiscent of Gun Game, and another integral part of Last Spartan Standing. You can watch some of the action play out in the newly-released video, which certainly seems in the realm of the popular battle royale genre. But that's not all that's coming to Halo Infinite. 

King of the Hill will also be available when the Lone Wolves update drops. It'll be a familiar favorite for longtime fans, where players scramble to control certain areas for points. Hills will feature control meters that must be filled before the points move to a new location. 

Finally, there's Land Grab, which finds Spartans working to capture three areas in a map to win. There's still more on the way beyond these modes too, like Vampireball, Ninja Slayer, and Rocket Repulsors. 

Can't wait to get your Slayer on? Halo Infinite's Season 2: Lone Wolves drops on May 3.

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Brittany Vincent