Halo Infinite toy potentially reveals death of major Halo 5 character

(Image credit: 343 Industries)

Another Halo Infinite (opens in new tab) toy set has potentially leaked a major character death for the upcoming Xbox Series X game (opens in new tab), as first discovered by a user on Reddit (opens in new tab)

Before we get into it, however, be warned that the following contains potential spoilers for Halo Infinite, though we can't confirm anything this far from the game's Holiday 2020 release. 

(Image credit: 343 Industries)

Still here? Alright then. Mega Construx's "Defense Point Showdown (opens in new tab)" toy set, which has now been taken down, had a description that confirms its "inspired" by the events of Halo Infinite, with an accompanying image showing Master Chief, a UNSC Marine, Hyperius (a member of the Banished, who are now all but officially confirmed as the game's main enemy force (opens in new tab)) and a Grunt Assault. 

(Image credit: Mega Construx)

Take a closer look at Hyperius' shoulder, which appears to don the mask of one Agent Locke, the primary playable character of Halo 5 (opens in new tab), motion captured by Mike Colter in that 2015 Xbox One exclusive. 

This seems to suggest that Hyperius will kill Locke during the events of Halo Infinite, and brandish his helmet as a trophy of war, though there could be other explanations for why this Spartan's mask is currently sat on his shoulderpad. 

In any case, recent rumblings suggest Microsoft will reveal full Halo Infinite gameplay later this month as part of an Xbox Series X showcase (opens in new tab), so stay tuned to GamesRadar for more as it arrives. 

Here's what developers had to say (opens in new tab) about the recently revealed Unreal Engine 5 demo. You can also watch the entire thing for yourself in the video below. 

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