Halo infinite players have already mastered the grappling hook

Halo Infinite
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Following the second multiplayer flight, Halo Infinite players are sharing clips demonstrating the frightening killing potential of the new grappling hook.

It's only been available for a couple of weekends via the two completed beta runs, but Halo Infinite's grappling hook is already becoming a key feature of the multiplayer meta. Though you'll need to find it on the map before you can use it, unlike the campaign where it's a default tool, once you get your hands on the Grappleshot you can use it to get the drop on players from above, below, and around corners for clutch kills and getaways.

We've put together a few of the best Halo Infinite grappling hook kills we've seen so far to prepare you for your next match. Whether you're joining the next multiplayer beta or waiting for the full release, you'll want to avoid strolling in blind when so many players have already mastered one of the game's most useful tools. This isn't Halo 2, folks. Best get with the times.

In this first clip, someone uses a Repulsor to send their opponent flying from the ledge, but the player turns the tables by using the Grappleshot to make an incredible comeback and down their attacker with a melee one-shot. Others on the list demonstrate impressive determination in using the grappling hook to escape death and return with vengeance, as well as the frailty of Spartan life when a Gravity Hammer is in enemy hands.

repulsor_vs_grapple_hook from r/halo
being_able_to_grab_weapons_with_the_grappling from r/halo
the_grappling_hook_puts_my_pilot_certification_to from r/halo
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the_grappling_hook_is_my_favorite_addition_so_far from r/halo
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And an honorable mention goes to this skillful, if a tad messy, grappling hook kill that ends in the player's own hilariously glitchy death.

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