Halo Infinite multiplayer test dates haven't been decided yet

Halo Infinite
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Halo Infinite betas and flighting sessions don't have a date yet says 343, but promise they won't surprise fans. 

The news about the uncertain dates for the upcoming Halo Infinite technical tests comes from 343 community manager John Junyszek, who was asked about the game's flighting sessions. (For reference, flighting is a term used by Microsoft that means public testing of in-development software much like a beta or alpha.) 

In his response, Junyszek said that fans would know ahead of time about any potential upcoming playtime with Halo Infinite multiplayer tests. He tweet: "PSA: Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview details will be made known ahead of time. It will not be a surprise."

He did, however, reiterate that in order to take place in any Halo Infinite tests, you will have to be a member of the Halo Insider program and opt into the flighting.

Junyszek added: "We're constantly evaluating the flighting build, just like we do with MCC flights, and the exact timing is dictated by development realities. That said, once we have a firm date locked in, we'll let you know."

Halo Infinite's multiplayer is set to be a fascinating beast, as it's being broken out of the traditional experience into a free-to-play offering. While the story and other features will be sold separately, Halo multiplayer will be available to all, meaning that network stress-tests, especially gearing up for launch are going to be massively important.

With the mode being free-to-play, it is going to have seasonal passes and content to get in on, but 343 is taking a more friendly approach than most to this system. Halo Infinite's battle passes will not expire, meaning that even if you stop playing multiplayer for a bit, you will be able to go back and complete your progress on them later on. 

The first of those seasons is likely to go over well too. It's themed around the 'Heroes of Reach' and thus seems to have a lot of cosmetics around fan-favorite Halo: Reach. 

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