Halo Infinite multiplayer preview details revealed, including a special emblem for playing

Halo Infinite
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343 Industries has laid bare all the Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview details as the start of the next test looms, including scheduled times, modes, and more.

A new post on Halo Waypoint outlines all of the details for what you'll be able to play and when and confirms that Social Arena will be the highlight of the first test weekend and then Big Team Battle will join the fray starting on October 1.

Each mode will receive new modes and maps every day on their respective weekends, with the final lineup consisting of Slayer, Capture The Flag, and Strongholds for Social Arena and Capture The Flag, Total Control, and Slayer for Big Team Battle. Social Arena will start out with the Bazaar Live Fire, and Recharge maps then add in Behemoth this Sunday, and Fragmentation will be the lone Big Team Battle map available throughout the preview.

While the focus of these next two preview weekends will be on testing out multiplayer, you'll also be able to try Training Mode for the first time. Starting with a solo match populated by bots, you'll be able to customize individual details like bot difficulty, weapons, infinite ammo, and more all without ever interrupting the match.

Don't get too caught up with training though, because 343 also revealed that all players who complete 10 matches during the second test weekend will get a special emblem when Halo Infinite launches in December.

Meanwhile, on the campaign side, Halo Infinite may have redesigned its Brutes - which also means it may have redesigned Craig.

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