Halo Infinite is ready to go for Spring 2021, according to Master Chief’s actor

Halo Infinite
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Comments from the Master Chief's motion capture actor seem to indicate that Halo Infinite is lining up for a Spring 2021 launch window.

Just below, you can see an interview with Bruce Thomas, the actor who performs motion capture for Master Chief in Halo Infinite, by the Dan Allen Gaming YouTube channel. Speaking about his experience working on the latest game in the franchise, Thomas says that "as far as I know it's in the can, ready to go for next Spring."

In an interview about BO: Cold War, the Mo-cap actor for Master chief brought up infinite. Did his final few words confirm a spring release? Or am I just super dumb? from r/halo

This is all said under the premise of not having to go back and do any additional motion capture work on Halo Infinite, however. Thomas hypothesizes that he could very well have to return to work on Halo Infinite depending on the development of the game and the situation surrounding COVID-19. But as of right now, Thomas believes Halo Infinite is on track for a Spring 2021 release window.

Currently, Halo Infinite has no scheduled release date, after being delayed out of launching alongside the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S last month in November. We ultimately have no idea when the next game in the Halo franchise could launch, and neither Xbox nor 343 Industries have given any indication as to when the game could launch.

What we do know is that when Halo Infinite does launch, it'll be a cross-gen game, launching for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. Additionally, it'll be a day one Xbox Game Pass title, so you won't have to pay anything upfront to access the game at launch if you're already a subscribing member.

Additionally, you won't have to pay anything to access Halo Infinite's multiplayer, because it's launching as a free-to-play, standalone game. While the only information we've heard about the game's multiplayer component is a rumored battle royale mode, we do know that it'll be arriving for free for all Xbox owners at launch.

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