Halo Infinite energy drink collab brings black-and-gold vehicle and gun skins

Halo Infinite Rockstar collab
(Image credit: Xbox / Rockstar Energy)

Halo Infinite is partnering with Rockstar Energy on some exclusive cosmetics and bonuses tied to special cans of the energy drink.

Xbox revealed the partnership today, continuing Halo's tradition of Extremely Gamer pre-launch partnerships. Through December 8, you'll find five different limited-edition cans of Rockstar Energy (in the United States and Canada) with art drawn by an impressive crew of illustrators, each with a redemption code under the tab. Punch these codes into the Rockstar Halo web page to claim double XP bonuses, a gun skin, vehicle skins, and a unique emblem for the game's launch. The codes themselves will be valid through December 31. 

A black-and-gold theme gives these cosmetics a surprisingly clean and understated look. How far gaming has come since the loud, fluorescent Mountain Dew days. With skins for the Warthog, Razorback, and MA40 rifle, plus a similarly colored gravity hammer emblem, this collab is genuinely a looker. 

Note that you'll need to redeem six normal codes to claim the MA40 and Warthog skins plus the emblem. Codes for the Razorback skin will be exclusive to energy drink cans sold at the Canadian store Circle K. You can read the full rules for the event here.

Avid Rockstar drinkers can redeem additional codes to enter daily raffles for additional prizes including a Halo Infinite bundle containing the game, a 27" monitor, and a Razer headset. US participants can also enter to win an actual Jeep done up in Warthog colors, presumably because someone somewhere thought this partnership was a little too low-key so far. 

After a weekend with the Halo Infinite Big Team Battle beta, it's all we can think about.

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