Halo Infinite battle pass progression is challenge-based, not XP-based

Halo Infinite Multiplayer
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Halo Infinite players will progress the Halo Infinite Battle Pass via in-game challenges rather than XP.

In a tweet earlier today, 343 industries community manager John Junyszek said that playing and winning Halo Infinite matches will offer challenges, "which will help players progress through the Battle Pass." That means "no per-match XP at launch," but that players are "still always progressing through challenges and therefore the [battle pass]."

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That had some players wondering what would happen if they ran out of daily challenges to complete. In response, Junszek said that the recent technical test had had an issue that caused a few players to complete all the available challenges. 343's current launch plans, however, "while not 'infinite', mean it's extremely difficult to run out [of] daily challenges. I won't say 'impossible', because there are some grinders out there, but I'd be impressed."

In the most recent Inside Infinite blog post, released earlier today, head of design Jerry Cook explained some of the errors that crept into the technical test, including failing to remove challenges that couldn't be completed in bot-only matches. That shouldn't be a problem when the campaign and multiplayer launch on the Halo Infinite release date of December 8. 343 also confirmed that the aim of challenges over Xp is that players "will always be earning progress in your Battle Pass through playing and winning matches."

Some players appear concerned about the use of challenges rather than XP, but it's worth noting that Junyszek says there won't be per-match XP "at launch." That could mean that 343 will consider changing the system later on, but that's likely to depend on player feedback after launch. 

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