Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Skull and Terminal Guide

Halo CE Anniversary is a wonderful remake of a ground breaking game, and reminds us why we loved the original in the first place. 343 Industries have brought the collectibles of the Halo series full circle as well, adding Skulls and Terminals this time around.

The Skulls are a great way to change up your gameplay, but be warned, 343 isn’t fooling around. Finding them is only part of the challenge, as 343 has made some of them very difficult to get to, often employing grenade jumps to get to your reward.

As if the Skulls weren’t enough, there’s also one Terminal per level, each of which fills in a little more of the Halo back story.

Pillar Of Autumn

Skull 1: Iron - As soon as you exit stasis simply walk to the back of the room and search behind the cylindrical containers for your first skull.

Terminal 1 - After talking to Captain Keyes, take a left and you will see a large computer panel with various red screens. Here is your first terminal.


Skull 2: Mythic - After exiting the life boat walk towards the waterfall that is in the distance slightly to the right. The skull will be behind the large rock near the waterfall.

Skull 3: Boom - Before entering the tunnel with the Warthog you must go along the small ledge above it. Hugging this right wall all the way until you are directly above the tunnel entrance will yield you this explosive skull.

Terminal 2 - After getting the Warthog, drive through the tunnel and this terminal is hard to miss. It will be glowing bright yellow in the dark and is along the path you must drive on.

Truth And Reconciliation

Skull 4: Foreign - When you enter the hanger you will begin a large scale battle. Near the end of this battle two Hunters will spawn out of the corner door on the side with the Wraith tank. Run through this door quickly and look left to find the skull. Make sure to get in before the door closes!

Terminal 3 - When getting near to the brig you will pass through a control room with a raised centre platform that is guarded by an Elite with a sword. Clear out the room and then walk up into the centre area to find a large red glowing control panel.

Silent Cartographer

Skull 5: Famine - After getting the warthog proceed back the way you came around the island. You will eventually come to a point where there is a small elevated cliff that you can walk up the back of. Follow this path up to the top and to the one point to find the skull. This cliff is also more easily recognized later in the level, as a pelican will crash in front of it. You can pick up the skull at either time.

Terminal 4 - After battling the two Hunters as you proceed to the security control room you will find this terminal in that area. It is against the centre structure hidden in the shade and beneath that outcropping.

Skull 6: Bandana - When you get to the security override room you will be able to exit to the left or right. Doing so you will see that above the tunnel you just walked through rests this very out of reach skull. To get on top you have to do a very precise grenade jump from the ledge on either the left or right side, onto the top of the room. I suggest reviewing the video to see precisely how it’s done. Do not be discouraged if you miss the jump a few times, it is not easy.

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