Halo 5 couch co-op sacrificed for 60fps

News regarding Halo 5 co-op has been a tumultuous ride over the past few days. First, it seemed that playing Halo 5 online co-op with friends would not require a subscription - a change from past conventions yes, but a welcome one. Then it turned out that was a mistake, and that co-op will require Xbox Live Gold subscription. Now, franchise development director Frank O'Connor has confirmed and addressed the fact that Halo 5 will not support local campaign co-op at all.

In a NeoGAF thread under his handle "Stinkles," O'Connor wrote, "Yes, it's a bummer but 60fps had to take precedence. It's not just aesthetics- the entire simulation is built on that framerate." The good news - if there is any to be had for fans of splitscreen - is that local multiplayer still exists, though it can now only support two players on one screen instead of four.

The era of splitscreen is dead and/or dying, it would seem. Long live the era of 1080p and 60fps?

Sam Prell

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