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Get a good look at Halo 5's next maps, coming in Ghosts of Meridian update

Halo 5: Guardians (opens in new tab) is getting two more maps and a whole lot more as part of a free update called "Ghosts of Meridian," coming next week. Developer 343 Industries detailed some of the coming additions in a new blog post (opens in new tab), and it sounds like Warzone fans are in for a particular treat.

As with previous updates, Ghosts of Meridian will bring one new Arena map and one new Warzone map. The Arena map is dubbed Tyrant, and takes place on a Forerunner structure floating through space on the broken chunk of a nearby planetoid. The Warzone map, Skirmish at Darkstar, takes place at a facility on the planet of Meridian (an important location in the Halo 5 campaign). It is the smallest Warzone map yet.

You can check both out below - Tyrant is up first, with Skirmish at Darkstar after.

Two new armor sets (Dynast and Mark V Alpha Reflex) will also be a part of the update, as will plenty of new emblems, assassination animations, and skins for your weapons and vehicles. If you're a Halo 2 fan, you should particularly appreciate a special Gravity Hammer being added, called "Tartarus' Gavel."

If you haven't picked up a UNSC rifle in awhile and need a refresher, Arena maps are the "classic" Halo maps, designed for an even, competitive playing field pitting two teams of four against each other. Warzone, meanwhile, is a mode where two teams of 12 Spartans face off against not just each other, but neutral enemies as well. Warzone also utilizes REQ packs - digital cards that unlock the use of things like better weapons, increased damage, or vehicles.

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