Halo 5 gets all-new Grunt Goblin boss and Spartan Wasp vehicle in next update

Well, this is different. The Halo universe is getting two all-new vehicles, but you won't see them in the campaign mode of the game they're attached to. The Grunt Goblin, a mech suit piloted by a Covenant Grunt, and the UNSC Wasp, a vertical take-off air vehicle for Spartans, will be making their way to Halo 5: Guardians' multiplayer mode by way of a free update, scheduled to arrive later this month.

The Goblin is no joke, despite being controlled by one of the goofiest races in the Halo games. Equipped with a heavy Needler on its arm, the Goblin can target up to eight players at one time, and will kill any Spartan or light vehicle with a single melee strike. Try to get too close and it'll unleash an EMP pulse, disabling more powerful vehicles.

Luckily, you'll have the Wasp to counteract the new threat. Similar to Halo 3's Hornets, the Wasp has heavy machine guns and twin rocket launchers. It's a little light on the shields, so you'll want to swoop in, get a few stings in, and swoop out.

Both the Grunt Goblin and UNSC Wasp will appear in Halo 5's Warzone mode, as well as the upcoming Warzone Firefight. The Goblin sadly can't be piloted by players, but the Wasp will be obtainable via special REQ packs, just like other vehicles.

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Sam Prell

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