Halo 3 - the complete story

Level six:

The story: More traveling now as the Chief and the Arbiter head towards the Ark in order to stop the activation of the rings. A quieter level and a welcome breather from the Floodocalypse, here you'll seek refuge from foes and play the role of a ranger.

The evidence: There's quite a bit of footage in the E3 trailer showcasing this bit. Remember we're headed to the Ark, or the Citadel, buried deep in the Earth's crust, and Bungie has stated the Covenant ships we saw in the first trailer were an Excavation Fleet, uncovering the Ark in the wasteland. The latest E3 footage shows us another piece of Covenant mining equipment, and one we fear: the Scarab.

The gameplay: Expansive, wide open environments (much like the multiplayer map showing off the Brute Chopper and recently renamed "Sandtrap") form one of Bungie's newest additions to the world, and one they're excited about: vehicle combat. Expect a truckload of Brutes mixed with Choppers at the excavation site, and entrance to the Ark - with at least one Scarab with head-mounted laser to contend with. Unlike Halo 2, this time we get to destroy the damn thing. We really are finishing all the fights.