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Halo 3: it's finally working

Frustrated gamers - many of whom took days off from work and school - have finally had their complaints answered. The Halo 3 beta, included with copies of Crackdown, has finally gone live. Originally slated to be released at 5 AM pacific today, nobody really knows why it never showed up - though Microsoft and developer Bungie have acknowledged the problem almost immediately.

Worry no more, though: as you can see, it's ready to roll... only 14 hours and 48 minutes late, judging from that screenshot.Now throw in that copy of Crackdown and download it!

As quoth the (semi-competent) game gods at Bungie: "Please note that it could take up to four hours for your console to receive this update based on various factors... Given the circumstances, we've decided to extend the duration of the Halo 3 Beta from June 6th to June 10th at 11:59 PM PDT."

Also, watch out for a crazy bug if you do get it working - if there's screwed up text, just hitthis linkto find out how to fix it.