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Have you heard?Halo 3 is finally here. (opens in new tab)

To celebrate the arrival of this year's biggest game, the editors at GamesRadar have been working around the clock to provide you with the very best Halo 3 coverage available anywhere. Strategy, guides, retrospectives, editorials, exclusive screens and explosive video - everything you need to finish the fight is right here.

HaloRadar - our weekly feature

Guide to Every Skull (opens in new tab) - Grab all 13 skulls - gold and silver! Our videos show you how.

Terminal Video Guide (opens in new tab) - Unlock Halo 3's hidden story - and an achievement -with our video walkthrough.

Top-notch coverage

The Review (opens in new tab) - Was Halo 3 worth the anticipation? See our final verdict.

Halo 3... Better Than Everything? (opens in new tab) - We make five blasphemous comparisions to Halo 3.

You've Never Played Halo Like THIS (opens in new tab)- Explore the new custom map types and other cool features of Halo.

Behind the Review (opens in new tab) - Visit the birthplace of Halo with our sneaky snapshot tour of the creator's offices.

The Story So Far (opens in new tab) - A quick refresher course on who's who and what's what in the Halo trilogy. Are you sure you remember it all?

Halo 3 Surprises (opens in new tab) - Romance, riddles and everything else we never expected to find in Bungie's shooter.

The Future of Halo (opens in new tab) - Plus the past and present. We interview two of the franchise's developers.

The Top 7... Master Chief Cameos (opens in new tab) - He's not just in games anymore. Explore the unbelievable media phenomenon.

Microsoft's Secret Launch Party (opens in new tab) - Wecrash the hottest Halo event of the year. No press allowed!

London Launch Party (opens in new tab) - All the highlights from the star-studded extravaganza.

Welcome to "The Pit" (EXCLUSIVE) (opens in new tab) - Learn how to beat your friends with our expert strategy tips, straight from the multiplayer map's designers.

Footage No One Else Has Shown You (opens in new tab) - Rats, fish, murder... we uncover hidden goodies.

Is Master Chief Dead? (opens in new tab) - We ask Bungie about their controversial and possibly spoileriffic advertising campaign.

We've got Halo 3! (opens in new tab) - You may have bought the Legendary Edition, but you didn't receive it like this.

Screen Gallery (opens in new tab)- All of our Halo 3 images.

Video Gallery (opens in new tab)- All of our Halo 3 movies.

Previous Coverage

The A-Z of Halo 3 (opens in new tab) - Every last detail of Master Chief's universe catalogued and explained. Yes, we even found something for "Q."

Halo 3 Beta Strategy Guide (opens in new tab) - Our walkthrough to the new guns, gear and vehicles. Written for the three-map beta, but still mostly relevant.

24 Hour Play Party (opens in new tab) - We played Halo 3 for an entire day straight, with all of you as our posse. Here's the unbelievable recap of what went down.

Newbie's Verdict (opens in new tab)- If you've never played Halo and are scared to try, you'll want to read this.

For the Haters

Disappointed with the game? Not sure why you were so excited in the first place? We've got you covered, too:

Is BioShock better than Halo 3? (opens in new tab) - Join the debate. Which shooter will reign supreme in 2007?

Halo Killers (opens in new tab) - What Master Chief needs to learn from his competition if he hopes to survive.

What's wrong with Halo 3? (opens in new tab) - Remember when this was Combat Evolved?

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