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Halo 2: Anniversary PC version gets a May release date

(Image credit: Microsoft)

343 Industries' rolling update of Halo: The Master Chief collection remasters each included game with improved visuals, (optionally) modernized controls, and revived multiplayer. Halo: Reach started the process when its full version arrived in December 2019, and the studio continued by doing a surprise release for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (opens in new tab) back in March. 

With just two months between Halo and Halo 2, it looks like the team at 343 has a good cadence going; Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 4 are all set to arrive on PC by the end of the year as well. Microsoft is releasing the games in order of their in-universe chronology, which is why Reach came first.

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The teaser video Microsoft released for Halo 2: Anniversary on PC starts with a detailed interior shot of a Warthog's dashboard and a voiceover of Sgt. Johnson roasting the Covenant's mysterious "regret" broadcast. Then it cuts to a quick drive down the streets of New Mombasa and, yep, we have officially entered the nostalgia zone.

Like the rest of the Master Chief Collection, Halo 2: Anniversary will be included with Xbox Game Pass for PC. You'll also be able to purchase it on its own or as part of the MCC set on both Steam and the Microsoft Store on Windows 10.

That's not the only good news for Halo fans on PC. Microsoft has also confirmed that Halo: Infinite (opens in new tab), along with the rest of its major first-party launch lineup for Xbox Series X, will also hit PC in 2020 (opens in new tab). 

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