Halloween mods, moments and more caught on video!

It may not be Halloween just yet, but you can at least start prepping yourself early. To help get you in the mood, we’ve brought together some of our favorite Halloween-themed content from across the gaming spectrum in one video. Only a few games over the years have actually taken place on the last day of October (although) some MMOs like to live it up with awesome Halloween celebrations, but plenty of gamers have picked up the slack by creating their own custom content with mods for some of their favorite games. We’ve pulled together some of the best of both, so take a look and re-live some old favorites (or discover some new ones)!

Special thanks to the users that created some of the custom used in the video!

Little Big Planet carnival level

The Sims 2 characters/environments

Minecraft Halloweentown

Minecraft Giant Jack-O-Lantern

The Simpsons Hit and Run Halloween cars

The Simpsons Hit and Run Halloween Springfield