Gun fires its first shots

After more reincarnations of than even the Dali Lama, Neversoft is ready to trade boards for horses in its new Wild West shooter, Gun.

Mixing first and third-person adventuring and horse riding, this frontier shooter will offer open-ended GTA-style gameplay in a tumbleweed-filled town, with numerous cattle rustling side-missions.

And these tasks will also allow you to build up your cowboy skills until you can discover who your real father is, and why someone in a dog collar bumped off your fake one in the first scene.

The 30-strong corral-set gunfights will also allow you to use cover, blast a six-shooter from your rival's hand and even enter a slow-mo Quick Draw mode, while the saddled-up sections allow you to trample, race and charge with your steed.

With a PSP version still only in the planning stages, Gun doesn't feature any kind of online or multiplayer modes, with Neversoft preferring to concentrate on getting the chaps in chaps to work perfectly as a solo game first.

Gun will dismount on to Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Gamecube, and PC in the autumn