Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

There will be loads of unlocks including guitars, costumes and a video vault where the band talks about each venue as you unlock it and complete it, with the addition of some as-yet-unknown secret characters to complement the roster of six returning rockers from GH3.

While the identity of the secret characters is pure speculation, we wouldn't bet against seeing Pink in there, after her duet with Steve Tyler on Misery off her first album Coming Up. Then of course there's Slash who appeared in GH3 as a boss and Guns 'n' Roses said they were influenced by Aerosmith, so that's very likely. And we really, really hope lovely Alicia Silverstone, star of several of the band's videos in the '90s, makes an appearance somewhere as a guitarist or something. We can dream. However, it has been confirmed that Liv Tyler will not be making an appearance. Ah well.

Above: Steve Tyler and Joe Perry, formerly known as 'The Toxic Twins'

The game looks almost finished and appears to play identically to Guitar Hero 3, which is fine by us, cos it's a nigh-on perfect gaming experience. The fact you're playing the majority of the game as awesome guitarist Joe Perry is the icing on the cake. Few guitarists are as perfectly suited to the GH style.

Neversoft's Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is headed for 360 and PS3, with last-gen versions handled by Vicarious Visions and Budcat Creations for Wii and PS2 respectively. Expect them all towalk this way in June.