Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Aerosmith was the first band this writer ever saw at a live gig, back in '97 (if you haven't listened to Nine Lives, then we highly recommend it) so as fans ourselves, we can confirm that Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is pure fan service. We were shown an almost-complete build of the 360 version and it's a lot of funto spot the many references to classic albums like Pump and Permanent Vacation in the background of the game's shows.Humping pick-up trucks, anyone?

Perhaps the coolest thing about the game is the 3D recreation of the band. Developer Neversoft has created an 'idealised' 3D recreation of all five bandmembers, and although they look quite old in the game (Steve Tyler's now 60, y'know), they don't look ancient.

Each member from drummer Joey Kramer to guitar-slinger Joe Perry has been given a handsome likeness and their movements have been motion-captured. That included a separate facial mo-cap recording session for Tyler, to make sure his expressions look as realistic as possible. Having seen them in action, it does look a tad cartoony, but it's unmistakeably him, so we guess it worked.

Throughout the game, you'll be performing at venues from the band's 35+ year career, starting off with their first ever gig - Nipmuc High School - to Max's Kansas City in New York and The Orpheum, all the way through to the finale at the band's induction into the Rock Hall of Fame. The old venues – some of which no longer exist – were recreated for the game using photographs, YouTube videos and the band's own recollections.

While the game is about 60% devoted to Aerosmith songs, all taken from the original recordings or in the case of particularly old numbers re-recorded by the band for the game, the remaining 40% consists of songs from bands who either appeared on the same bill (such as the Kinks, who Aerosmith supported, amazingly) or influenced the band in some way.

The list so far is solid and rock fans can rest assured there's no indie or emo in there. Fans of The Clash, New York Dolls and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts won't be disappointed, and Joe Perry himself mentioned The White Stripes in an online interview, so although that's unconfirmed, it wouldn't be a surprise.